I offer Person Centred supervision sessions in-person or online.

Need a Top-Up?

Are you already supervised, but need some extra supervision to top up your membership’s monthly requirement?
I also offer half hour sessions if a top up is needed.

Approach to Supervision

Part of the BACP Ethical Framework includes receiving regular supervision, which is a formal arrangement for therapists to discuss their work regularly with someone external to maintain adequate standards of therapy, in order to work both ethically and to the best of their ability.

We will:

  • Spend time considering together what the supervisee is hoping to get from supervision, and to agree a working contract. To explore expectations and concerns.
  • Provide a space for the supervisee to reflect on their work with clients, and to bring their struggles and breakthroughs.
  • Give the supervisee the opportunity to reflect on their development as a counsellor.
  • Consider ethical and professional issues in counselling.
  • Address possible issues around safeguarding clients.
  • Think about the application of theory to practice.
  • Reflect on the ‘here and now’ relationship between supervisor and supervisee.


One to One Supervision
I provide one to one supervision for counsellors/psychotherapists working in private practice.
Following my BACP Ethical Framework model, I offer supervision on a monthly basis, unless otherwise agreed.

Group Peer Supervision
Myself and my counselling peers encouraged each other’s ability to be person centred peer supervisors. We supported each other following qualification and embarking on our own private practice.

We supported and facilitated a trusting and congruent environment, each taking responsibility for our process. This continues to be valuable in terms of learning not only about ourselves, but also providing the opportunity to collaboratively explore and develop our practice.

Students on the Association of Person Centred Creative Arts Certificate Course
I provide support and supervision for students on the APCCA certificate course. Exploring individual needs when moving from working creatively and therapeutically with peers, to working with clients.

Tutor/Facilitator Mentoring
Trainee tutor mentoring for the Association of Person Centred Creative Arts Introduction Course tutor programme. I provided support and feedback in preparation for and following our Introduction course sessions.

  • £60 per hour.
  • £30 per half hour.

If you are seeking a counselling supervisor and would like to have an initial discussion, please get in touch.