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There are no expectations of being an artist, the focus of the work is on using art forms to work with issues to enable change and growth on a personal level.

Sometimes it is difficult to express feelings with words, image work can be a non-verbal approach to understanding the self, our thoughts and feelings that may be affecting our behaviours. 

My experience of  facilitating image work, is blending this with talking therapy. 

  • Personal Growth
  • Insight
  • Transformation
  • Wellness/Well-being

The process – not the end product, is important. Express yourself, enjoy the creative process and see what emerges. 


The practice of Person-Centred Art Therapy Skills brings the person-centred facilitative approach, based on the philosophy of Carl Rogers, to images expressed in art form, with the purpose of promoting integration, healing and growth and helping people become more self-directed.
I abide by a relevant professional Code of Practice (BACP) specific to my area of work and also adhere to the PCATA Code of Ethics and Practice as a member of PCATA.

For more details on the Person Centered Art Therapy Association, refer to PCATA

Below are a few images that have revealed a message to the client.

The client can then be aware of what they need, and implement this into their life. These issues can then ultimately be worked on in further counselling sessions.

*Reprinted with permission of the artist.