Working creatively and therapeutically: To help well-being or personal development.

Working with Images

There are no expectations of being an artist. Sometimes it is difficult to express feelings with words. Image work can be a non-verbal approach to understanding the self, our thoughts and feelings that may be affecting our behaviours. 

If working with images is something of interest, with an issue you are working through it may be helpful to use an image to explore this in a different way. Some awareness that can arise from working with an image can be:

  • Self-care
  • Self-empowerment
  • Change
  • Understanding relationship dynamics
  • Inner strength

The process, not the end product is important…
Express yourself…
Enjoy the creative process…
See what emerges…

If you are considering counselling, or interested in working creatively and therapeutically with images, get in touch

A selection of images working one to one with clients:

*Reprinted with permission of the creator.

Introduction to Person Centred Creative Arts
I am a tutor for the Introduction to Person Centred Creative Arts.
short experiential course  for anyone who wants to develop their creativity, develop their self awareness and discover how powerful working with creative arts can be!  For more information, see Introduction to Person Centred Creative Arts
Currently all sessions will be hosted via Zoom. 

Group Workshops
I also offer working creatively and therapeutically in small groups. For more information, see Creative Therapeutic Workshops
Currently all workshops will be hosted via Zoom. 

Working with Sand Tray
If working with sand tray and miniatures is of interest, I offer working in this way, see Creative Therapy in Sand.